2000-2009 Water Samples

In 1996, I began making photographs in the Duwamish River and Waterway in Seattle. I bought a 10-gallon aquarium, mounted my 6x6cm 120 rollfilm camera and flashes inside, bought some chest waders and started wading out into the Duwamish with my camera inside the floating aquarium. From 1996 to 2000, I made silver-gelatin b/w prints and painted them with layers of transparent oil paints to explore the way that light passes through air and water, and to see what was under the Duwamish.

Then, In 2000, I started using Gamblin transparent oil paints and liked how much more saturated in color these paints are. I began working on my Water Samples project based on the Duwamish River project, but with a panoramic camera inside the fish tank, and the inclusion of other waters in Seattle such as Licton Springs and Longfellow Creek. I enjoyed using the new paints and old glazing techniques to make these hand-painted silver-gelatin prints from 2000 to 2009.

The original hand-painted prints are sold-out.