Water Samples 1997 - 2008

In 1997, I began making photographs along the Duwamish River and started reading about the history of the area and the Duwamish people who lived there.  One night, while walking along the Duwamish River in the rain, I wished that I could make photographs of the raindrops as they hit the surface of the river.  I bought a 10-gallon aquarium, mounted my camera and flashes inside,  and started wading out into the Duwamish with the floating fish tank.  I made gelatin-silver b/w prints and painted them with alternating layers of transparent oil paints and varnish, to explore the way that light passes through air and water.  This project has continued for 10 years and has expanded to other waterways in Seattle, including Licton Springs and Longfellow Creek.   In 2006, I began using Gamblin transparent oil paints with GamVar varnish, and decided to print and paint many of the earlier photographs in this new, more-saturated way, while also continuing to make new photographs.   I was able to dedicate most of 2007 & 2008 to this project, thanks to the very generous support of the No Strings Foundation, as well as my wonderful wife, Robyn, and our kind friends. 

I send a Big Thank-You to everyone.     


1997 Nov 1 R6F7 Duwamish River

1997 Nov 1 R6F9 Duwamish River

1997 Nov 8 R1F6 Duwamish River

1997 Nov 8 R2F2 Duwamish River

1997 Nov 19 R2F3 Duwamish River

1997 Nov29 R1F10 Duwamish River

1998 Jan 24 R2F11 Duwamish River

1998 APR 18 R3F11 Licton Springs

1998 Apr 18 R4F4 Licton Springs

1998 Sep 19 R2F7 Duwamish River

1999 Jan 3 R2F1 Duwamish River

2000 Feb 7 R1F9 Duwamish River

2000 Feb 27 R1F7 Duwamish River

2000 Mar 4 R1F14 Duwamish River

2000 Mar 5 R1F8 Duwamish River

2000 Mar 5 R1F17 Duwamish River

2000 Mar 6 R1F8 Longfellow Creek

2000 Mar 19 R1F5 Longfellow Creek

2000 Mar 19 R1F14 Longfellow Creek

2000 Mar 19 R1F17 Longfellow Creek

2000 Mar 20 R1F1 Longfellow Creek

2000 Apr 11 R1F12 Licton Springs

2000 Apr 12 R1F12 Licton Springs

2000 Apr 16 R1F7 Licton Springs

2007 Sep 25 R1F8 Longfellow Creek

2007 Sep 28 R1F6 Longfellow Creek

2007 Sep 28 R1F17 Longfellow Creek

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