Moon Root 2000 - 2002

In 1997, I often visited Licton Springs, which is an underground spring that surfaces to form a pond and then submerges again.   I was making half-underwater photographs in the pond as part of my Water Samples project, but at the same time I was wishing that I could see the underground portion of Licton Springs, without disturbing the land or the water.  Then it hit me one day that I could use a medical instrument, such as a cystoscope, to probe through the soil with minimal impact.  

I also remembered reading in the OLD FARMER'S ALMANAC about ancient beleifs regarding the planting of seeds in accordance with the phases of the Moon, and became fascinated with the connection between our moon and things underground.  In 1999, I attached a cystoscope to a low-light black-and-white video camera to look around under ground, and used the same Astrovid camera with a telescope to record video of the moon in various phases passing through the frame.  

That was the beginning of my video and audio project, MOON ROOT, which was shown at Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle in 2002 and at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland in 2003.  

To view the entire 36-minute video, click on the first thumbnail on the left, or click here. The remaining thumbnails are pairs of still frames which are taken from that video, with the moon above and earth-bound roots below.  The still-frame pairs are printed as archival inkjet prints to accompany the DVD of the MOON ROOT video.

MOON ROOT 2002-2009 audio & video, 36 minutes

MR2002 Floating Root

MR2002 Sliver Leaf

MR2002 Bag Root

MR2002 Big Drip

MR2002 Big Teeth

MR2002 Moon Claw

MR2002 Tycho Halo

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