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Ford Gilbreath

web site:  www.fordgilbreath.com

email:      ford@fordgilbreath.com


M.A. – Art and Photography, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington

B.S.  – Cinema and Photography, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

Awards and Grants:

2013 – Purchase Award, Peninsula College Art Collection, Port Angeles, WA

2008 – Individual Projects Grants: Margaret Makes Art, (video/audio) 4Culture, King Co., WA

2007 – Purchase Award, Kent Arts Commission, Kent, WA

2005 – No Strings Foundation Grant, Los Angeles, CA

1999 – Betty Bowen Award, Seattle Art Museum and Friends of Betty Bowen

1998 – Fellowship Recipient, Artist Trust and Washington State Arts Commission

1996 – Seattle Artists Program Award, Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA

1986 – Baskin Award, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA

1978 – Photography In The City, commission from the Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA


2014 – Ford Gilbreath, Published by Blue Sky Gallery for their 40th Anniversary

2009 – Betty Bowen 30th Anniversary Commemorative Catalogue, Seattle Art Museum

1999 – Seattle Poets and Photographers: A Millennium Reflection, Rod Slemmons, Editor    

            Published by University of Washington Press for the Seattle Arts Commission

1998 – Seattle Collects: A Ten Year Retrospective of the Seattle Artists Program

            Published by the City of Seattle for the Seattle Arts Commission 

1986 – Fifteen / Seattle Book, Published by the Seattle Arts Commission

1982 – Ford Gilbreath, Published by Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, and the

            National Endowment for the Arts

1980 – Blue Sky: 1987 – 1980, Anniversary of an Alternative, Published by Blue Sky Gallery

1979 – Some Twenty Odd Visions, Published by Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts


2011 - R.E.M Museum, Mannheim, Germany

2010 - Portland Art Museum, Terry Toedtemeier Memorial Collection

2007 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art  

1978 – 2009 – Public Art Collections of the City of Seattle, City of Kent, WA and King County


2000 – D. K. Row, The Oregonian, July 14, 2000

            “Ford Gilbreath’s photos show what lurks in and around Seattle’s Duwamish River.”  

1998 – Robin Updike,  Seattle Times, October 29, 1998

            “Ford Gilbreath photos are wonderfully mysterious.”

1998 – Regina Hackett,  Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 23, 1998

            “Ford Gilbreath makes mud shine in painted photos at new gallery.”

1978 – Donna Mitchell,  ARTWEEK,  April 1, 1978  “Tickets To Life’s Carnivals”

Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions:

2013 – Anchor Art Space, Anacortes, WA

2013 – Forterra Gallery Space, Forterra Offices, Seattle, WA

2011 – Forecast: Communicating Weather and Climate, Wa. St. Convention & Trade Center

2010 – Margaret Makes Art, (video/audio/photo), The Vera Project, Seattle, WA

2008 – Water Samples, 1997 – 2007, Centennial Center Gallery, Kent, WA

2002 – Moon Root (video/audio/photo), Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle, WA

2000 – Dog Eye, Bird Eye, Snake Eye, Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle, WA

2000 – Ford Gilbreath / Gary Oliviera, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

1998 – Under the Duwamish and Other Waters, Esther Claypool Gallery, Seattle, WA

1995 – Theresa Batty / Ford Gilbreath, Foto Circle Gallery, Seattle, WA

1994 – Ford Gilbreath, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

1987 – Photography, Cliff Michel Gallery, Seattle, WA

1986 – Photography ’86 Baskin Award Winners:  Ford Gilbreath / Richard Lewis

            Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA

1980 – Kathy Fridstein / Ford Gilbreath, Equivalents Gallery, Seattle, WA

Group Exhibitions:  

2009 – artHAUS 2009, Los Angeles, curated by Thomas Schirmboeck  (www.arthaus.us)

2008 – Only In Washington, Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA

2007 – The Drawers Project:  Stereo Views of West Seattle,  Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

2007 – Kent Summer Art Exhibit, Centennial Center Gallery, Kent, WA

            Cheryl dos Remédios, Visual Arts Coordinator

2005 – unNatural History, Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA

            Esther Luttikhuizen, Curator

2004 – Critical  Mass  2004, Photo Lucida, Portland, OR

2001 – Northwest Visions:  Recent Acquisitions, Key Tower Concourse, Seattle, WA

            Beth Sellars, Curator, Seattle Arts Commission

1999 – Like Cats & Dogs, Pratt Gallery, CoCA, Seattle, WA

1998 – Springs Eternal, Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA, Peggy Weiss, Curator

1998 – Reunion 15, FotoCircle Gallery, Seattle, WA

1997 – Seattle, Portrait of the City Harborland, Sister City Exhibit, Kobe, Japan

1997 – Marks of the Artist, Seattle Center Pavilion, Seattle, WA

1996 – Seattle Arts Commission’s 25th Anniversary Exhibit, SAC Offices, Seattle, WA

1995 – Twentieth Anniversary Show, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

1992 – Eyes on Public Art, Sacred Circle Gallery, Norton Building, Seattle, WA

1991 – Bumberbiennale:  Seattle Photography 1931 – 1991, Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA 

            Mathew Kangas, Curator

1988 – One Hundred Fifty Years of Photography, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

            Terry Toedtemeier, Curator

1986 – Washington State Juried Photography Exhibition, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA

1986 – Landscape: Photographs by Northwest Artists,  Teri Hopkins, Curator Marylhurst, OR

1981 – Portopia ’81, Seattle Sister City Exhibit, Kobe, Japan, Richard Andrews, Curator

1981 – Seattle by Seattle, Equivalents Gallery, Seattle, WA

1980 – Blue Sky, 1975–1980:  Anniversary of an Alternative  Blue Sky Gallery  Portland, OR 

1979 – Some Twenty Odd Visions, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

1977 – Rainier Bank Collection of American Photographs, Foster White Gallery, Seattle, WA

1976 – In Touch:  Nature, Ritual and Sensuous Art from the Northwest, Portland, OR

            Lucy Lippard, Visiting Curator, Portland Center for the Visual Arts

1975 – Blue Sky Gallery Inaugural Show, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR


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